What is Rambling Hills Estates?

Rambling Hills Estates is a planned resort retirement community for manufactured homes. We are located in a beautiful treed, country setting with many view sites. The homes are built by top of the line manufacturers. We chose manufactured housing rather than site-built homes for several reasons: price, faster completion, controlled construction environment, and elimination of construction noise and traffic in the community. Rambling Hills Estates is owned a corporate partnership involved in the development of this community. Our best assets are our treed country setting, panoramic views and quiet leisurely living.

Where can Istore my rv?

Rambling Hills Estates has approx. 4 acres across Parrott's Ferry Road planned for RV and boat storage. There will be some electrical power and some spaces will be covered. A wash area and dump area will be provided. The area will be fenced and lighted for additional security. A monthly fee for these facilities will be assessed. (This is a future proposal.)

How about visitors - grandkids and friends?

Grandkids, family and other friends are welcome to visit. If the visit is to be for more than 20 days, we do require that you complete a visitor information form available from our office, indicating the number of visitors and the duration of the visit. There are minimums for the visits.

Are there good medical facilities close by?

We have two hospitals within 10 miles of Rambling Estates. One is a county hospital and the other is a private hospital. Both accept most insurance coverage. The phone numbers of the hospitals are provided so that you may check for your particular coverage: Sonora Community Hospital, (209-532-3161), Tuolumne General Hospital, (209-533-7100). Our area has many outstanding physicians and specialists. The response time for 911 calls has been under 10 minutes for residents.

Can I have a pet?

Yes. No more than two pets per homesite are permitted. Pets are accepted on an individual basis.

Who is responsible for the home maintenance?

You own and maintain your home and front, side and back yard landscaping. All utilities are metered and charged to your home and paid by you. Rambling Hills Estates is serviced by a private water and sewer system and other utilities.

How do I purchase my home and lot?

You purchase your home and lease your lot. After choosing a lot and floor plan, going over the options sheet with the salesperson and signing a purchase order, a 25% deposit
(of the purchase order) is required. The remainder is due at the close of escrow, approximately 90 days after the home is ordered. The monthly lease payment begins at the close of escrow.

What do Iget for my lease payment?

Your monthly lease pays for more than just your land - it pays for the ongoing maintenance of all the common areas that you can use and enjoy within the park community: upkeep on the private roads, sidewalks, lights, and maintenance of the clubhouse, pool, spa, and common grounds. As a resident of Rambling Hills Estates, you will enjoy living in one of the most desirable areas of the county - reasonably close to shopping, medical offices, a pharmacy, county library, several golf courses, three stage theaters, senior center, and cinemas, and close to the mountains but still below the snow line. You and your home are secure, thanks to the neighborhood management, local services and local police. You may also reserve the new clubhouse facilities, which can be used for all types of gatherings.

How does the land lease work?

Rambling Hills Estates offers a lease for any number of years. This lease is binding for as long as the homeowner owns the house. Should you decide to sell your home, the sale is completed in much the same way as any other real estate transaction. You can either list the home with a broker, or sell it yourself, and you are entitled to all the profits received. The lease is assignable to the new buyer at no additional cost to you or them. A new land lease will be set up, which comes up for renewal within one year of the purchase. When you buy a new home at Rambling Hills Estates, since land is not purchased but leased from Rambling Hills Estates, your initial purchase price may be reduced by as much as $ 45,000.00. We would rather see you invest those dollars and use the interest to pay the lease payments than for you to tie up that money in a land purchase.

Are there any extra fees?

NO! There are no additional homeowner fees or association dues, except for additional TV cable and utility storage (i.e. boat / RV) as per your individual usage.

Are the features in the homes standard?

The homes have many options from the upgrade list. Your salesperson can answer any specific questions you may have about what is standard and what is optional. The homes are located and chosen to take best advantage of the views and sites at Rambling Hills Estates.

Are there any adjustments to my lease payments?

The lease is designed to remain the same year in and year out. However, if any adjustment is necessary you can be assured that the lease will never go over the cost of living index or as stated in the CC&R or your contract, lease or rules of the park.

Who Pays the property taxes?

Rambling Hills Estates pays the real property taxes for the land under your home and also
for the common areas. You will receive, from the Tuolumne County Tax Assessor, a statement outlining the taxes due on you home to be paid by you directly. The taxes are based on the following formula: the assessed value of the home is 70% of the purchase price, the property taxes are 1% of the assessed value less the homeowner's exemption of $70 per year. On a $100.000 home, the property tax would be approximately $60/monthly.